About Us

Imperial Overseas pvt. Ltd. is a leading overseas recruitment agency approved by Nepal Government, Ministry of LaborĀ (License No. 816/066/67). Our mission is to supply businesses worldwide, a pool of talented, dedicated workers whether skilled or semi-skilled. These workers are carefully chosen through a recruitment background check process which covers all areas of our clients concerns such as: verifiable work history, responsibility, related job experience, character and attitude. Imperial Overseas Pvt. Ltd. relies heavily on a competent and responsible workforce that maintains a positive reflection of our company, and becomes an asset to all our clients worldwide. It is our sincere intention to please all of our clients through quality service.

Our Vision

Imperial Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is devoted to a set of ideals that is followed and respected through with great devotion and respect. Providing people with better employment opportunities and new life options is what we aim to do. We provide opportunities to people who deserve better lives and opportunities. Imperial Overseas Pvt. Ltd. strives on providing employment opportunity that will be beneficial to the overall economy of the country and its people.


Imperial Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is an ever-expanding organization that is always expanding and growing. With the increase in globalization, we keep moving forward with more opportunities awaiting us in the next corner. We have been productively recruiting for and supplying companies worldwide with many suitable workers who seek career opportunities. Keeping our vision in mind we strive to satisfy our clients. We try to live up to our organization's ethics and values and provide a professional environment to work with. We aim to be the organization that is an all-round solution of recruitment to our clients

Our Valuable Clients

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